Pathways to possibilities is dedicated to supporting individuals who are seeking to change their lives.


Do you have a conscious awareness of 'more'? That there could be more to your life, that you could be more, that you have more to give? Are you looking for greater meaning or purpose in your life?


At Pathways we offer ideas and motivational items to inspire and accompany you as you set about transforming your one true life.  

“If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go together”

—African Proverb

What We ARE About

We believe in you.  We believe in your ability to find your own way, to be your own person in this world, and to find authenticity and meaning in the ordinary details of your life. 


At Pathways you will find ideas and inspiration paired with motivational items, books, jewelry, and apparel, to encourage you, light your way, and keep you company on your journey.


  • INSPIRING ITEMS:   Motivational and inspirational products to encourage you and light your way.  Products rooted in history, ancient wisdom. and created with intention.

  • BOOKSHELF:   A curated list of books to spark curiosity and impart wisdom.

  • LISTEN & WATCH:   Podcasts, music, and videos to challenge your perspective.

  • PATHWAYS BOOKS:   Original books to help you find your authentic self and transform your life.

  • BLOG:   Blog posts to ask meaningful questions. 

  • LIFE ON THE PATH: Tips, tricks, hints, and hacks to make your journey easier.

  • FREE THINGS . . . just because!

  • FACEBOOK GROUP  to share thoughts, ideas, and stories.

inspirational and motivational items

the book that started it all

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pathways blogs
what I am thinking about and reading




Ponderings on the Path blog posts focus on what I am thinking about and considering as I journey towards self-discovery and my authentic self.

Hard-earned tips, tricks, hints, hacks, and happiness habits from my life on the path. ​ And I hope that you in turn will share yours with me.

The goal of this blog is to share my thoughts on what I am reading. Books stand the test of time.  And I for one am better for them.