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download your free cheat sheet

We created this 6 page cheat sheet to help you jumpstart your self-discovery journey. Whether you are just starting, restarting, or reviving your efforts to reconsider your life, this cheat sheet offers purposeful actions that provide meaningful direction for your journey. The cheat sheet offers the clarity, perspective, and insight you need to stay true to yourself. 

The cheat sheet was created with:

  • Four Directions. Heart, Spirit, Health, and Mind. You can pick one or a combination of them to define the intent or goal of your journey.

  • Eight Actions. Each direction has 8 purposeful actions that you can use to jump start your journey.


Wherever or however you begin your journey, you are sure to emerge more focused and purposeful about your efforts to reconsider and rediscover your life.


Not ready to commit to the journey today? No worries. You can use the diagram on the first page for inspiration and motivation. Just select one of the 32 purposeful actions at random, try it out, and see what happens.


As Linda Ellerbe said: Life rewards action.

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