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Inspiring items

At Pathways to Possibilities, we are extremely intentional about the items we offer. 


Each item is created or sourced by hand; not on a manufacturing line by robots, extruded in plastic, or imported from other countries. Rather, they are created by artisans & craftsmen in the US. Every item is unique, imbued with intention, and embodied with the connections we all share. Creating items this way takes time and costs a little bit more, but you will not be disappointed in the quality of these unique items. 

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Feel the Calm!

Truly, there is more to jewelry than just its beauty and symbolism. Jewelry has the power to:

• Bring a sense of calm.
• Provide focus.
• Boost confidence.
• Create a powerful connection.
• Offer a distraction from invasive thoughts.
• Reduce stress.
• Act as a reminder.
• Provide grounding.

Pathways jewelry uses texture, negative space, and positive relief to provide tactile stimulation.

The scientific theory is that handling a piece of jewelry (sometimes called fidgeting) helps you focus by occupying parts of the brain that would otherwise be full of distracting thoughts. Jewelry also provides a discrete way to always have a coping mechanism close at hand, immediately available when you need it.

At Pathways, all our jewelry is lovingly created by hand, imbued with the intentions of the artisans who create it. Our symbols, both ancient and renowned, have been trusted down through the centuries.

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