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Inspiring items

At Pathways to Possibilities, we are extremely intentional about the items we offer. 


Each item is created or sourced by hand; not on a manufacturing line by robots, extruded in plastic, or imported from other countries. Rather, they are created by artisans & craftsmen in the US. Every item is unique, imbued with intention, and embodied with the connections we all share. Creating items this way takes time and costs a little bit more, but you will not be disappointed in the quality of these unique items. 

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Traditionally, an icon is an object that is regarded as a representative symbol worthy of veneration. They are important, as visual reminders, because they stand for or represent that which is important to each individual.

At Pathways to Possibilities, our iconry is founded on the following symbols:

Unalome: The unalome represents the path to enlightenment in Buddhist culture.

The spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines represent the moment one reaches enlightenment, or peace and harmony. The dots at the end of the symbol represent death, or the moment we fade to nothing.

At Pathways to Possibilities, we use the unalome to remind us that at times our path is indeed comprised of twists and turns. While none of us has a map, the unalome reminds us that while our paths maybe different, our journey is the same; that out of the chaotic periods of our lives comes the understanding that we need to continue to make progress towards our authentic selves.

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