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At Pathways to Possibilities, we are extremely intentional about the items we offer. 


Each item is created or sourced by hand; not on a manufacturing line by robots, extruded in plastic, or imported from other countries. Rather, they are created by artisans & craftsmen in the US. Every item is unique, imbued with intention, and embodied with the connections we all share. Creating items this way takes time and costs a little bit more, but you will not be disappointed in the quality of these unique items. 

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ISBN: 979-8985968958

Have you ever read, listened to, or experienced something and later done it again, only to discover how much you have changed, or feel differently, than you did the first time?

Often, these small but meaningful occurrences subtly influence the trajectory of our lives. Such occurrences help us pause and reflect, take us in a whole new and unexpected direction, and in doing so, provide us the opportunity to grow.

Asking yourself questions is a practice that can emphasize your growth. The simple act of thinking about the answers can have a profound impact on your life, your future, your existing patterns and behaviors.

Quotes & Questions was created to provide you with such an opportunity.

The quotes provide the inspiration and motivation to pause, reflect, and consider. The questions have been created to challenge your internal stories, thoughts, and behaviors. Taken together, they serve as the bridge between who you have been and who you are becoming.

There is no single way to use this book. You can use Quotes & Questions as a: (Note: In the following descriptions are pages referred to in the print version, you can download a pdf file of them at:

Pocket Inspiration. Open the book on your phone, scroll and be inspired by the quote you land on.

Journal. Work your way through all 31 questions in a month, journaling your thoughts and reactions. You can use your own journal or download the pages from the print version.

Meditation Prompt. Read the quote and meditate on the question.

Assessment Tool. Work your way through all 31 questions. Put the book aside and come back to it at a later date, taking note of how your answers have changed.

Motivational Book. Scroll to any page, read the quote and question, and let them inspire you.

Intention Stimulus. Read a quote and question, then set an intention for the day that resonates with what you read and your response to it. Record your intention in the upper section and your activities and/or results in the lower section.

Resolutions Record. Work your way through as many quotes and questions as you feel are necessary, recording your responses to each in the upper section. Review them all, extracting those activities, ideas, and growth opportunities you wish to set as goals for the next year. Include the goals in the front section of the book—Where To Find My Thoughts. And then, at the end of the year, read and respond to the same questions, reviewing your responses against the goals you set.

Catalyst for Change. Select a quote and question, read it, determine how you want it to change you. Record what you are going to change in the upper section, and your activities and/or results in the lower section. In this way, you hold yourself accountable.

Personal Growth Driver. Select a book for the Quotes & Questions series on a topic you want to focus on for personal development and transformation.

Diary. Record your thoughts and ideas about the quote and question in the upper section and your life events in the lower section.

Gift. Give as an inspirational and transformational gift.

Or in any other way that is meaningful to you.

No matter how you use it, the goal of Quotes & Questions remains the same: to aid you in thinking through questions that will have a profound impact on your life, your existing patterns and behaviors, your thoughts and internal stories, and your future.

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