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Inspiring items

At Pathways to Possibilities, we are extremely intentional about the items we offer. 


Each item is created or sourced by hand; not on a manufacturing line by robots, extruded in plastic, or imported from other countries. Rather, they are created by artisans & craftsmen in the US. Every item is unique, imbued with intention, and embodied with the connections we all share. Creating items this way takes time and costs a little bit more, but you will not be disappointed in the quality of these unique items. 

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A talisman, is an object, either natural or manmade, ascribed with a symbol and believed to be endowed with special powers to bring good fortune. Talismans are often portable objects, carried on the person in a variety of ways or kept in the place that is desired of their positive influence.

At Pathways to Possibilities, our talismans are ascribed with three different symbols:

Cairn: A cairn is a man-made pile of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scottish Gaelic: càrn. Cairns have been used throughout history invaluable wayfinding references and landmarks. Cairns have the power to clarify and navigate.

Unalome: The unalome represents the path to enlightenment. The spirals are meant to symbolize the twists and turns in life, and the straight lines represent the moment one reaches enlightenment, or peace and harmony. The dots at the end of the symbol represent death, or the moment we fade to nothing.

Tree of Life: The Tree of life is a symbol that has been used all over the world for centuries. The symbol of the Tree represents life and the sacred continuity of the spiritual and physical worlds. The Tree depicts the cycle of changes in our lives as we interact with all of Creation. Just as the Tree grows in all four directions, we too must grow in all areas of our lives to achieve our full potential.

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