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"It isn’t that we don’t know, it's that we forget and need to be reminded."

I was feeling pretty sure of myself. Following the path I discovered for personal transformation, I was making great progress. My life was changing and expanding by me noticing and acting on crumbs Creation was providing. Now, almost two years into the journey, I was feeling confident in my ability to spot the crumbs. They came in all shapes and sizes and in many different forms. I had the sense I had seen and experienced them all.

You know what comes next right? Tell Creation you have seen it all and what happens? You get gobsmacked, an English slang expression that means utterly astonished; astounded. And was I ever gobsmacked.

I was visiting my parents when my mother handed me a book. She explained that she was tidying up when the book caught her attention. Not remembering it, she took it off the shelf, and on the inside flyleaf was the following inscription:

To Robin–

It isn’t that we don’t know, its that we forget and need to be reminded. I’m sure that you’ll remember.

Ray 6/5/1987

Written in a book titled How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World by Harry Browne. I had never seen this book, let alone read the inscription, and my mother had no idea how the book, obviously intended for me, ended up on her bookshelf, unnoticed until now.

I had just been delivered a message, through an inscription, written 34 years ago by someone I did know, but was now unfortunately and recently deceased. Gobsmacked.

To Ray–

I’m doing my very best to remember who I am and why I am here. Thanks for the prompt. It would not have made sense to me before now. I miss you—

Robin 12/16/2021

PS. Have you ever been gobsmacked? And if so, how did you deal with it? Please add your comments.

The links provided with each book are affiliate links. If you purchase a book using a link, I will earn a very small royalty, which will be used to support the blog.

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