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The Best Kept Secret

What good is finally finding myself if I am too sick or infirm to enjoy me? ​ From my earliest days trying to find my own way, I have tried to pay close attention to my health. What good was finally finding myself if I was too sick or infirm to enjoy me? ​ The start of this journey was the book (crumb) Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. This book was not only a primer on cooking, but on how to create healthy eating habits, as well. After reading and cooking from that book, I was hooked. The healing power of nutrition become my mantra as I pledged allegiance to Hippocrates: “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

There was only one problem. Cookbooks are expensive. Especially the ones I like with the glossy pages and big color pictures of the amazing creations I would be making. And then there was the inevitable risk of buying a beautiful and expensive cookbook, only to realize that there were just 1 or 2 recipes I would actually care to eat. The answer to my conundrum, while not obvious, was totally brilliant. The library! ​ Yes indeed, the library stocks cookbooks. Amazing. ​ Now, whenever I come across a cookbook that looks interesting or makes a “10 Best” list, the first thing I do is reserve it at the library. On average, I have 3-4 cookbooks out at any time. Currently, I’m reading and cooking from:

And while I learned something new and tried recipes from each of them, I will be buying Super Natural Every Day. The little quinoa patties are my new favorite go-to snack! —Robin

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