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Who Knew?

Some of the most extraordinary possibilities come from the least likely and most often overlooked places.

I am always surprised by the possibilities that present themselves in places I never would have anticipated anything of interest or of consequence to be waiting for me. Some of the most extraordinary possibilities I have encountered have come from the least likely and most often overlooked places. I am always surprised when it happens.

Note To Self: Stop judging and be curious enough to look for the possibilities wherever you find yourself. Remember: just like crumbs, possibilities are everywhere.

Recently, I found myself at a gem and mineral show. It was an impromptu stop which should have been my first clue (aka new experiences off the beaten path of our everyday lives are fertile ground for crumbs and possibilities). The person I was traveling with noticed the show and really wanted to stop. So, we did. And what did I see? Row after row, table after table, of nothing but rocks.

Wanting to be supportive, I feigned interest, while secretly wondering what crazy person would buy a rock, as I took off down the first row. As I walked by, not breaking stride, I took in the vast array of rocks—big ones, small ones, all shapes and colors, nothing but rocks. I had just turned the corner on the very last row with the end it sight, when it happened. The possibility presented itself. There was absolutely no way to miss it. Don’t you hate when that happens?

A rock purveyor and enthusiast called me over to her table to look at a rock under some type of UV flashlight. With my traveling companion nowhere in sight, I sauntered over to see what she had to show me. She introduced herself as “Bo.” Her passion was evident, and her enthusiasm was infectious. Before I knew it, I was enthralled as she showed me rock after rock, explaining where they came from and how they were created.

Long story short, not only did I meet an extraordinary women who really radiated pure joy and happiness about the chance to share her rocks and their stories, but I bought one of them. Yes, I became one of the aforementioned people crazy enough to buy a rock. But not just any rock, a hag stone.

Hag Stones can be any type of stone as long as they possess a natural hole through it. Most are found in dry riverbeds or along the seashore, as the action of running or moving water causes the erosion that results in the unique appearance of the stone. The reason they are so sought after and valuable is because it’s common belief that magick cannot work on moving water, and since the holes in hag stones are made by the force of this element (water,) the stones retain water’s beneficial influence. In effect, a hag stone is an amazing protection amulet. They also regenerate energy. Hang a hag stone over a bed at night and it will refresh body, mind, and spirit with healing energy.

Who knew? And that is exactly the point.

The Hag Stone I am now the steward of does indeed hang above my bed as a reminder that possibilities abound. A silent but solid reminder that it is often my own judgment and shortsightedness that keeps me from experiencing the wonder of this life. While I can only imagine what I have missed in the past, the hag stone reminds me to redouble my efforts to stay curious. That you just never know . . .

And the Hag Stone reminds me of a wonderful and kind woman I met on a chance encounter. My world was touched and made larger by Bo. The Hag Stone is a silent and solid reminder that we are all connected.


PS. What extraordinary possibilities I you encountered from the least likely and most often overlooked place? Please add your comments.


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