Books, like friends, inspire us, challenge us, encourage us, remind us of our humanity, and sometimes provide a good laugh.  Some of my very best friends are, and always have been, books.  They are loyal companions on life’s paths, and often enough, provide a safe haven from the sometimes unpleasant realities of the world. 


I believe books have the power to spark curiosity, challenge perspectives, impart wisdom, ask meaningful questions, and change lives.  


The books we read, fundamentally the company we keep, are relevant because they teach us,  inspire us, encourage us, motivate us, and thereby help us to know our own true potential.


The goal of this blog is to share my thoughts on what I am reading. Books stand the test of time.  And I for one am better for them.


“If you want new ideas, read old books. If you want old ideas, read new books.”

—Norbert Elekes